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About AdvocacyOne

AdvocacyOne is maintained as a division of a nonprofit project called The Public WebWorks, created in 1999 to broaden the public interest community's presence on the multi-media web. There are four divisions of the Public WebWorks project.

News and Advocacy Websites -- AdvocacyOne is home to the work product, opinions and advocacy of the public interest community. If a non profit advocacy group wants to get its word on the multi-media web, AdvocacyOne is an excellent place to do so. AdvocacyOne's sister site, CameraOne, devotes itself to covering its own niche: activism and public interest. CameraOne is staffed by professional, seasoned journalists who generate multi-media stories that inform and inspire, all the while striving for credibility and hewing to the highest journalistic standards for objectivity.

A Distribution Network -- Public WebWorks Syndication gives non profits the ability to stream public interest stories on their own websites at no cost. This service should not be confused with traditional links, which frustrate users by bouncing them to new websites. Instead, the Public WebWorks streaming servers equipped with Real Networks technology permit website visitors to seamlessly stream multi-media programming from any site participating in the syndication program. Nonprofits can select from a broad array of CameraOne news and AdvocacyOne presentations.

A Multi-Media Instruction Program -- This project puts a special emphasis on capacity building. There is nothing like hands-on learning, so The Public WebWorkshop teaches nonprofit employees the fundamentals of putting audio, video and slideshow stories on the web.

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